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Our clients know they can rely on the impeccable care we take with every animal we treat at Bright ‘N Shine, LLC. Based in Boca Raton, FL, we proudly serve pet owners from Miami to Orlando and everywhere in between. We also take the time to get to know each client and their pet’s particular needs, then customize our services to suit them.

See what some of our current and former customers have to say about our exceptional services!

Read Client Testimonials:

“As a dentist I know how important maintaining oral health is in both humans and animals. But I’ll be honest, I have been very hesitant about putting my 11 year old teacup Chihuahua under general anesthesia for her teeth cleanings due to her weight and age. Thankfully I will never have to worry about that again since using Bright ‘N Shine! Luis is simply the BEST in town! He’s amazing with my not so nice five pound Chihuahua and my 85-pound Weimeraner! I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone! Thanks Luis, see you in three months!”

- Nathalie DMD

“I am beyond happy with Sophie’s teeth. He did such an amazing job! Her teeth were beyond yellow and in horrible shape when he sent me the after picture, I could not believe how white and perfect they were. Her gums are infected from not having them cleaned but they gave me everything I need with instructions on what to do for the next few days. She literally just finished and she seems so much happier than before he cleaned her teeth. This is a safe way to have her teeth maintained and I am without a doubt going to be seeing him or she will be seeing him every six months. I could not be happier. Thank you so much for taking such amazing care of my baby and Sophie also thanks you for her amazing white clean teeth!!”

- Diane Roth

“Thank you Junior for taking such good care of my little boy Rocko. Rocko is a very shy dog. He doesn’t go up to strangers much or even people he knows well. But after a few moments he went up to you and gave you a kiss. That’s when I knew just how much of a gentle kind soul you are. His teeth are sparkling white again and best of all, he showed NO signs of anything traumatic happened to him. He was his happy self again. Which was not the case when our vet, whom I love, did his teeth last year. He was stumbling around from the drugs and his throat was very sore for over a week. All that didn’t make me happy, but now we found YOU. Thank you.”

- Lois Feldhamer

“The Vet tried to clean my Silky’s teeth with anesthesia. He was unable and wanted $600 to put him under. I refused. Junior cleaned his teeth without any problems and saved me so much money. He also cleaned my Mini Schnauzer all was done in his “Doctor” van in my driveway! How convenient. I know the moment I met Junior how much he loved animals and what he does. Tomorrow he will come and clean my daughter’s Puggle’s teeth. I am going to have him come every four months now. Maybe next week he can clean mine! LOL”

- Sherri Rothberg

“Peanut wandered into our open garage late one night nearly six weeks ago. After discovering he was homeless, injured and very sick, we adopted him and got the healing process going. One of our concerns was his teeth and the fact that he didn’t trust anyone (it took me two days before he’d let me pet him, and even then he still tried to bite). The thought of anesthetizing him to clean his teeth only compounded the trauma issues he was already experiencing with being held or touched by anyone, so we opted to wait until he was more settled down and calm to clean his teeth.

Then a friend referred me to Junior. We are so thankful he was able to gently and tenderly get Peanut to trust him enough to heal his (now infected) abscess and clean his teeth anesthesia-free. So grateful for him and his practice. Thank you so much for taking care of Peanut and we’ll be using you again for our other loves!”

Suzanne Rose

“Junior cleaned our little rescue Yorkie’s teeth yesterday, he’s six years old and I don’t believe that his teeth were ever cleaned. He is our little baby and we spoil him which didn’t make Junior’s job any easier! We were present during the whole process and he was so kind and patient with Bosco! He went above and beyond our expectations, I think he is truly the dog whisperer.”

- Larry Marks

“I sat on the decision to have the teeth of my dogs cleaned because of the costly anesthesia costs. I stumbled across Junior and from the start I knew it was someone I can trust with my dogs. They had a wonderful experience, pain free! My dogs went on and about their day as if they were never put in pain. I am glad I made the decision to put my dogs in the hands of someone that is excellent at what they do, and at the same time compassionate about your dog’s wellbeing.”

- Wendy Lozada

“Junior at Bright’ N Shine Teeth Cleaning did an amazing job cleaning my toy poodle’s teeth and gums. Our little girl can be crazy, but Junior quickly made her comfortable and I could not believe how he managed to keep her still and calm. Her teeth and gums look fantastic now. After Junior left, the dog waited by the door for the next two hours waiting for Junior to come back. We are 100% satisfied and plan on seeing Junior every six months. Thanks!”

- Allysa Wetcher

“I would have bet that NO ONE could get near my 12 year old Jack Russell’s mouth without losing his whole hand, but Mr. Santos, with patience and persistence, did the job . . . without anesthesia! I am so grateful that I did not have to put Baxter through the trauma of a vet visit, and I did not have to take out a loan to pay for it! Your card is on the fridge, Luis, I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends!”

- Jacquie Weddle

“This was the best experience for my Landon. Grey Hounds are very sensitive to anesthesia so the option to have dental care without putting him to sleep was awesome. Happy going in and happy coming out. Bright and shiny teeth with fresh breath. I am beyond happy. Will definitely do this again and recommend this to anyone who needs dental care for their canine babies.”

- Jacqueline Wiseman

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